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 +====== Install HP Printers on Server ======
 +Some printer manufacturers want to "own the world."​ A printer only really requires a driver to be installed, but HP has set it up so, especially with multifunction printers, they want to add a printer monitor (so they can advertise their toner/ink when you run low), request your e-mail address for mailing lists by getting you to "​register"​ your product, etc...
 +However, these functions do not work on a Windows Server, so in order to set up a printer, so you can //print// from a terminal server, you can not use their installer to do this. Instead, you will need to manually unpack their grossly sized "​installer"​ (hundreds of megabytes), then manually perform the install. Their installer is actually a self-decompressing zip file which automatically runs the installer contained within.
 +Following are the steps, as of 2019, for doing this install. This is taken from https://​​rs-en/​document/​c03351547
 +  - Download and install the full version of the software. Actually, the basic version will probably be ok.
 +  - open a file explorer to c:​\Users\username/​AppData/​Local/​Temp (where username is your username)
 +  - Run the installer. You will see a new directory in the Temp dir. DO NOT exit the installer yet.
 +  - Once the uncompressing stops, copy the new directory someplace you can work with
 +  - exit the installer
 +  - open a command prompt as administrator and go to the directory you saved the image to
 +  - find the installer by executing dir *.msi and looking for it. There is most likely an x64 and x86, corresponding to your architecture
 +  - Now, execute the following command to perform the install. Replace //​OJ774x64.msi//​ is the file name you found with the dir command above; this example is installing an HP Office Jet 7440 on a 64 bit Windows Server.
 +<code bash>
 +msiexec.exe /i OJ774x64.msi ENTERPRISE=YES FAX=NO SCANTOPC=NO REBOOT=ReallySuppress
 +Wait until the installer is complete, then change into the directory the software has been installed into. In this case, //PRINTER MODEL// is a subdirectory of HP which corresponds to the printer model. We are going to add this as a network printer, with IP address,​ so change that to whatever is real for your system.
 +<code bash>
 +cd \Program Files\HP\PRINTER MODEL\Bin
 +DeviceSetup.exe /​networkaddress
 +This will silently install your printer. After a few minutes, you can open the Printers folder and you will see it there.
 +===== Links =====
 +  * https://​​rs-en/​document/​c03351547
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