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 +====== Remote Assistance via Terminal Services ======
 +We need the ability to remotely help windows clients. Prefer to not use things like GoToMeeting or something, especially as Microsoft appears to have something like this already. Following are the notes.
 +Remote Assistance -- works on anything?? User sends an invitation, assistance uses that to make a P2P connection
 +  * https://​​en-us/​windows/​solve-pc-problems-remotely-with-remote-assistance-and-easy-connect-cf384ff4-6269-d86e-bcfe-92d72ed55922
 +Remote Desktop Services: Session Shadowing -- Looks like it will work on a Windows Terminal Server, allowing an admin to take over (shadow) another users TS session
 +  * https://​​wiki/​contents/​articles/​19804.remote-desktop-services-session-shadowing.aspx
 +  * https://​​Forums/​en-US/​ef79b328-3a91-4183-a37f-faeee86741a3/​server-2019-rds-administrative-session-shadowing-works-but-shows-a-black-shadow-window
 +This link actually provides better instructions,​ I think.
 +  * http://​​rds-shadow-how-to-connect-to-a-user-session-in-windows-server-2012-r2/​
 +<code ps>
 +Mstsc.exe [/​shadow:​sessionID [/​v:​Servername] [/control] [/​noConsentPrompt] [/prompt]]
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