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 +====== sysinfo-client ======
 +sysinfo-client is a set of Perl scripts which retrieves data from a running system, generally on a CRON job (or equivilent). The installer currently recognizes the following operating systems, though a manual install on any Unix system is fairly painless:
 +  * Debian Linux
 +  * IPFire
 +  * FreeBSD
 +sysinfo-client is designed for expansion. It uses modules (in the bindir/​modules directory) to gather information which sysinfo-client then stores in a YAML file. modules are designed so, if they are not applicable to a particular system, they return no data instead of erroring out.
 +Once the information is collected, it is "​transported"​ to a collection point (generally a centralized server) via a transport mechanism in the scripts directory.
 +sysinfo-client was written as a remote data collection tool specifically for use with CAMP, but the data can be used by any system which can parse the YAML file created.
 +Plans are to port sysinfo-client to other operating systems, especially Microsoft Windows and Apple OS-X
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