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 +====== SystemRescueCD ======
 +SystemRescueCD (http://​​) is a bootable Linux based distribution for most X86-64 systems. With it, you can boot a system from a USB and have several Linux tools available to repair a system. Following are some notes I have created on how to use this system.
 +===== dmidecode =====
 +dmidecode is a Unix program that retrieves firmware (BIOS) information from a computer and outputs it in a readable text file. Only a very old version of this is available for Windows, and using a newer version is very useful. We store a dmidecode report with most of our systems.
 +SystemRescueCD has the ability to save files if you tweak it (see creating a backing store below), but a simpler solution for us is to simply ftp the file to one of our public servers. To do this, we boot into the system, then:
 +<code bash>
 +dmidecode > /​tmp/​
 +ftp my.ftp.server
 +lcd /tmp
 +The file can now be retrieved when you return to your office.
 +===== Links =====
 +  * http://​
 +  * http://​​manual/​Creating_a_backing_store/​
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