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Just some notes for me, but may be useful for others.

Jitsi is a video bridge server. It allows two or more users to do video chat. It uses Prosody for an XMPP chat also, and appears to use Prosody for authentication.

Quick Notes

Location of authentication files

User authentication file (plain text, so don't trust it)


Basically, the server name with the dots replaced with %2e

Create a new user

Done via prosody, using the prosodyctl command.

prosodyctl register <username> <> <password>

replace <username> and <password> with information. Replace <> with the (jitsi) name of the server.

Using xmpp only

You need to be using authentication (I think). Once done, authenticated users can set up pidgin as follows:

  1. Basic Tab
    1. Protocol: XMPP
    2. Username: username on server which was set with prosodyctl
    3. Domain: name of the server, as used with prosodyctl
    4. Resource: whatever you want to indicate your device
  2. Advanced Tab
    1. Connection Security: Require Encryption
    2. Connect Port: 5222
    3. Connect Server: DNS name of server (usually the same as Domain unless you change it)
    4. File transfer Proxy: I still leave at, but looks like we can set it to the same machine if we add a module.
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