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sysinfo-client installation

Though it can be installed on any Linux/Unix system manually. Instructions are:

  1. Download and uncompress current version
  2. Create a directory for the executables (I call it bindir here). Suggestions are:
    1. FreeBSD - /usr/local/opt/camp/sysinfo-client
    2. Linux - /opt/camp/sysinfo-client
  3. Create a directory for the configuration file(s) (I call it confdir here)
    1. FreeBSD - /usr/local/etc/camp/sysinfo-client
    2. Linux - /etc/camp/sysinfo-client
  4. move everything into the bindir
  5. copy sysinfo-client.conf.template to confdir/sysinfo-client.conf
  6. edit sysinfo-client.conf. the script can help with it, but it is definitely not foolproof. You will need at least one transport (see bindir/scripts)
  7. Run sysinfo-client as
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